Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ice skating

Family Update:
Really, this was such a crazy week!
I was only home 1 evening last week and with 2 early morning meetings 
I was ready for the weekend!

Friday night, Mrs. Pilger and I had a girls shopping night in LaCrosse!
Saturday John and I had a couples shopping trip in Winona.
I felt so "metro" getting my nails done and then meeting my sweetie for lunch!
I made Fionn the fish hat he's been begging for on Saturday night...
he loves those weirdo hats!

And Sunday we went ICE SKATING!
I've been meaning to tell you about the free skating 
(free skate rental and hot cocoa, too...REALLY!!!)
on the large lake in Winona!
The Warming House is set up and ready to go!
Try it!!!  It really is fun!
(I bring my own ski poles cuz I am a very poor skater!)

 and now for this week in Kindergarten:

Join us Monday evening for Reading Night...the info is in the Cardinal...see how fun reading can be plus have supper for FREE!
An additional sheet will go home Monday with details.

Tuesday we will have Valentine celebrations in our classrooms.  What fun!
Here's the rest of the week:
Reading: letter Ll, sound for /l/, short i, ending sounds, punctuation
Math: dominoes, numbers to 50, printing to 20
Theme: Valentines and America the Beautiful (thanks in advance to volunteers...see you at 1:00 on Thursday!)

Color week for Tina,our cook, as she focuses on foods of each color:
Monday is green
Tuesday is red
Wednesday is yellow
Thursday is blue or purple (wear red,white, blue for our special day!)
Friday is orange

Have a great week!
Marcia O'Duggan

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