Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 25: Letter Qq, Dr. Seuss, and
America the Beautiful!

Here is a picture of our Dr. Seuss table...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE those Truffula trees!

We have been working on these super
Cat in the Hat pictures!
What artists!

Here is a new game we try to play a couple of times a week:
Oh, yes...numeral recognition to 100 is so much fun!

Thanks for sending in all the Dr. Seuss books...
Here is what we did with them~
We made a graph!

It looked awesome!
As you can see, 
Green Eggs and Ham had the most votes!

Centers on Tuesday included the following:
Playdo Thing One and Thing Two
3D Shapes!

What's in The Hat?
Spelling words center!

Colorful Eggs and Ham
Color Words Center...

Word Building with Dr. Seuss...

Interpreting a Graph
using Dr. Seuss characters..

Sorcha, my daughter, created 60 "Green Eggs and Ham"
candy treats for us!
We had enough to share with all of K...MMMMM!
Maeve created this artwork with extra M&Ms!

We made some neat lucky duck books this week.
One of them was based on A Wocket in My Pocket...
Be looking for this fun book coming home soon!

Here is a counting by 10 cupcakes 
morning challenge....

Another fun Lucky Duck is 
Hortan Hatches A What?

On Thursday, we had our 
America The Beautiful KICK OFF!
Thanks to all the volunteers that helped us to 
create the lovely illustrations to the book
America The Beautiful!

Mrs. Benke came to help....
and so did Grandma Rita....
as well as Mrs. Sauers!
The K Teacher had a blast preparing
the stations for the helpers!
Allie's Mom,
and Allie's Dad, 
Willow's Mom, 
and Willow's Dad, 
Gabby's Mom all came to help!

Here are the helpers from the other rooms: 

And here are the pages to our BEAUTIFUL book:

OH, What a FUN day!

We created these, too, in our rooms on Wednesday....
a shape Cat in The Hat
They turned out really cute!

Thursday also began a new round of
Morning Challenges...
THe Lorax Puzzle was fun!

Dr. Seuss abc order....

and Dr. Seuss numeric order...

On Friday, the teachers and staff
brought cupcakes for the entire school!
Here is Mrs. Sue Schneider delivering ours...MMMMM!

On Friday morning we take an art tour of the 
Guess what?  WE WON 1st Place!
WOW! Page down for a peek at it again....
but first, enjoy the other adorable doors:

Tadadada!  Here is ours!

Friday afternoon, Officer Leibfried read to all
of Kindergarten!  Nice!

Then we were treated to a professional story teller!
This lovely lady had traveled to over 120 countries to collect
their stories!
She shared an hour's worth with us!

Week of March 4-8
Reading: Letter Dd, sound for /d/, star word 'for',  short i words
Math: Addition and Subtraction
Theme: America the Beautiful
Science: Describing Spring Weather
Social Studies: American Symbols~the flag and the eagle

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