Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 27 ANOTHER SNOW DAY? Letter Zz, have, and subtraction

We just wrapped up one of my favorite weeks!
Leprechauns and Shamrocks and Pots of Gold..
Some of our books from this week:
 Some cutie leprechauns girls and boys
 were spotted in our classroom on Friday....looking for mischief?

We did a little work on quotation marks on this 
lovely "IF I Had A Pot Of Gold" chart....

Here are a few more shamrock family projects...

Here we are beginning to create
our leprechauns for the hallway....

Tuesday's centers included the following....
Silly Word vs. Real Word building:

Searching for Leprechaun sight words...

Ordinal Number Shamrocks...

What Comes Next Four Leaf Clovers...

More painting....the orange is leprechaun beard orange...

Here are some nice samples of word building....

A couple more family love love!

Aren't they lovely in the hallway?
We are just missing a few.

Oh these are soooooo cute!
Our little leprechaun handprints....

Here's a couple of morning challenges from this week...
Shamrock numeric order counting by 5's

Shamrock word building...

Missing number Shamrocks...

This has been a busy week with messy art projects!
This was the prep work for some lucky 4 leaf clovers...

Here are a few lucky leprechauns...
a direction following activity!

Thursday's centers were also St.Patrick Day themes...
Coins in the Pot addition....

Looking for Leprechauns 
counting by 10's

Measuring Leprechauns with Shamrocks
(of course!)

More Precious Than Gold
Writing our friends' names

The brain break area:
Creating a leprechaun magnet
and green and sparkly playdo!

OH! Hee Hee...these little guys make me smile!
We turned ourselves into leprechauns!

The Week of March 18-22
Reading: Letter Ii, Segmentation, short i words
Math: Larger numbers....focusing on teens this week
Theme: Finish St. Patrick's Day begin Transportation
Science: Describing Fall Words
Social Studies: Our Country's People

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