Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 28 Letter Ii,larger numbers, transportation (after a bit of leprechaun mischief!)

Monday we arrived to a bit of leprechaun mischief!
It seems those little fellows had a bit of fun
at our expense!  
The green chairs stacked in the corner,
the calendar all messed up
PLAY ALL DAY written on our schedule,
green glitter everywhere,
a nice little treat tucked in our mailboxes
along with tiny little hats
were part of our fun!

We wrapped up some St. Paddy's day
morning challenges....

Oh, YES, another bit of LEPRECHAUN magic...
we found 100 coins hidden around the room!
Here is a kiddo putting the last one in!

We had tons of fun with the potato project!
We weighed and measured our pratties!

We recorded our data and drew our pictures....

Thursday's centers involved lots of 
transportation activities!
These smarties are sorting 
LAND WATER AIR vehicle....

We looked for some number word semis!

We had flying high with spelling....

We put numbers in numeric order
with stoplight numbers....

And Mrs. Benke helped with
Missing Number Trucks!

We had a very busy although short week
(a snow day once again!)
Here is the rundown for our super short week:
March 25-27
Reading: Letter Xx part 1, short o words
Math: Larger Numbers
Theme: wrap up transportation, begin Easter themes
Science: What can we see in the sky?
Social Studies: American Heroes
BIG NEWS: No School on Thursday and Friday for k kids.

Have a great SPRING BREAK!
We are heading to Indianapolis for a grandbaby fix!!!!

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