Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 26 America, Letter Dd, star word 'for'

Just when you think we are going to have a normal week..
Mother Nature strikes again!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow,
but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Spring "break" 
we had planned....oh dear.......
The k kids now have from Thursday, March 28-Sunday, March 31st for our Spring break...if you have plans and your child will not be in school on Monday, April 1st...please just let me know!

My family will be cutting our Indianapolis Grandbaby fix down to just 3 days, Friday-Sunday ...sad sad sad...BUT 18-20 hours of driving is worth just a cuddle and a hug from that little family that I love so much!  Stay tuned for tons of pics!

Here are some of the books we read this week:
and Gabby, our star student's favorite...

We created these sharp looking bald eagles 
after learning about some of our National Symbols...

This page was our first write the room activity
where everyone had to find the words that began
with each letter of "Happy Birthday"...
more of these fun pages to come!

Here are some morning challenges from this week:
Dr. Seuss numeric order...

Dr. Seuss sentence building...

And a fun one!
Matching uppercase to lowercase review
with SPOONS!

Don't you just LOVE Pinterest?
So many new, educational, fun ideas!

We created these lovely American hearts for you....
Here they are only halfway completed.
Tadadada!  They are so cute!

Thought you might enjoy the Dr. Seuss pics we took..
feel free to snag your child's!

These are our first Shamrock family projects...

Due to the snowday, we missed some great
Dr. Seuss stations during centers on Tuesday.
However our new America The Beautiful stations
were very nice, too!
Here is a k kiddo checking to see if the eagles
are in correct numeric order....

Nope, not this one....

This station was American Symbols
and tens frames to 20 all wrapped up in one!

The Brain Break station was so SWEET!
The k kids designed a picture frame
for YOU!

Mrs. Benke's station was 
"How Tall is Abe Lincoln's Hat?"
a measurement with PENNIES activity!
How much fun is that?

Our final station was
Get it?
The k kiddos wrote the matching capital letter
next to the Capitol!
We are really focusing on printing like a 1st grader!

Here are some of the completed picture frames...

Week of March 11-15
Reading: Letter Zz, star word "have",  segmentation
Math: Subtraction
Theme: Leprechauns and Shamrocks!
Social Studies: More American Symbols
Science: Seasons..Describing Summer Weather (a far off memory?)

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