Friday, October 2, 2015

Week 4 Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj, and Fall Themes!

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!

Oh what a fun week!
We began on Monday with new morning challenges:
2 tables had matching ABC to abc apples
(half of the alphabet at each table)

 The last challenge was numeric order apples...
 It was so large we had to solve on the floor!

Here is our Ff Fruit Snacks! 

Oh my goodness we actually got to be scientists on Monday with a Ff Fizzy Experiment!
So we got lab partners... 
and science googles... 

and began our experiment!

 Just look at those faces!

 It really is amazing  how magical baking soda and vinegar is!

One of our morning messages this week:

On Monday we painted the life cycle of an apple tree...


Mrs. Sauers called kids over to make apple smiles...mmmm!

 At the science table we poured out a bed of baking soda, added watercolor to vinegar, gave the kiddos droppers and let them have fun!

 On Tuesday we created these numeric order apple strips...

We had one more experiment with hydrogen peroxide and yeast (all teacher lead)
They two chemicals combined to create "elephant toothpaste!"
My extra strength hydrogen peroxide was a year old and I am afraid it lost most of its power but we did get a little bubbling up action. 

We voted for our favorite apple snack...mmmm!

Not sure if our Johnny Appleseeds made it in last week's blog so just in case...

Tuesday was Gg day ...a perfect time for GLOWSTICKS!

 The kids are trying to make it into a G shape...

Centers on Tuesday included the following stations:
Science...How Animals Move

 Social Studies: Friends at School

 Reading: Beginning Sounds Apples

Math: Apple Counting

We might even have gotten a bit GOOFY on Gg day!  Be looking for a goofy glasses book coming home soon!

Wednesday morning brought new morning challenges:
Apple Numeric Order...

Fall Animals Spelling...

 ABC Order with these fun blocks!

Our Hh Treat was HORSES in the Animal Crackers!

So the kiddos won the ABC game 10 to 8.
They chose a messy art project 
(is it any wonder why I LOVE this class?)
Pictures a bit farther down of our 

We played a version of bobbing for apples...

And here is our messy art project!
Labeling an apple tree!
We used no less than 4 different painted techniques!

We also made apple pie the kindergarten way!

 Looks like it was a hit!
On Thursday we had a fun Shape Sorting project...
 Do you see that letter i on the page?
We played a joke...I got my i on you! 
Get it? Eye=i...ha!

Thursday's  Ii treat was ICE CREAM!
Thank you, Mr. O'Duggan for buying it for us!

Thursday's Centers included:
Shape Dice Roll at my table...

Dot Pictures with our new assistant from WSU, Ms. Anna.  She'll be joining us every Thursday afternoon!

 Making squares with Mrs. Benke...

Building Triangles from Squares...

 More goofy pics to look for soon!

We finally got to our "CAN HAVE ARE" chart.
What good little observers!

Here is another fun game we played...

 Good Reads this week!

And now for the week of October 5-9:
Reading: Letters Kk, Ll, Mn, and Nn
Math: Positional Words
Theme: Fall and Fire Safety
Science: How Can We Sort Animals?
Social Studies: Leaders at School
We are also going to the fire station on Friday afternoon.  Most of the time we are outdoors so help your child dress for the weather.

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