Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 7 Letters Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv, Squirrels, Spiders, and Bats

What a week!
We began with new Morning Challenges:
Leaf ABC Order...

 Leaf Missing Number...

 Pumpkin Number Ordering With Tallies...

We had Roll ups for our Rr treat! 

and a Qq treat a little late...Quaker Oat Bars!

Monday was such a beautiful day we went out to play in the leaves!  We took pictures for a lucky duck book coming to your home soon!

Oh What FUN! 

The first Thursday in November is Taste of Cardinal Country.  This is our banner to help decorate the High School!

There's No Place Like Home 

Last week we created these adorable pumpkins!

I had snack on Tuesday's Ss day...
Sweet and Salty Snack Mix
(it is my staple up on the hiking trails!)

Our leader loves the chart for Ss day!

Here are our squirrels!

Tuesday's Centers included:
Greater Than with Squirrels and Miss Anna...

Squirrel Color Words...

Squirrel Beginning Sounds...

Fall Graphing...

Wednesday's Snack was Twinkies and Twix! 

 Wednesday we painted moons for our bat picture...bubble  painting with gray paint.

 Mrs. Benke called kids over to work on some bat addition...

Mrs. Sauers finished our bat projects for the hallway... 


While I worked with kids on the -at word family and made BAT HATS!

 We learned A LOT about bats!

and pumpkins! 

 On Tt day (Wednesday) the kids took a peek at our TARANTULA!  It is actually the molted skin from a tarantula.  And it is fascinating!

Thursday brought new morning challenges and new table seating!
This team worked a science puzzle about life cycles of animals and plants...

We had Batty ABC Order...

And Squirrel Number Order with Tallies...

The kids thought it was funny how I put the stickers inside the folders...that's a lot of Uu s!

We had a delicious and clever umbrella cookie!

Plus the Food Service had a celebration and we ALL (across the whole school!) crunched our apples at the same time!
Also I gave the kids umbrellas for their milk!

Another Lucky Duck book...
There's a Spider on the Floor!

We made these cuties!

Of course we sang the song,
"There's a Spider on my head , on my head!"

We painted spider webs...

Thursday's Centers included:
Batty ways to make 7...

Batty Missing Letter (abc order)

Mystery Number...

Fall Word Printing...

So So So Many BOOKS this week!

Because I will be in Atlanta on Friday,
our blog will only go through Thursday.
Ms. Kay Abse is our sub Friday afternoon and Monday!

And now for the week of October 26-30
Reading: Letters Ww, Xx, Yy, and Zz
Math: Patterning wrap up and begin Numbers
Theme: Halloween 
Science: Comparing Plants
Social Studies: Our Earth's Land
Our Halloween Party is Friday at 1:30. Thanks to the parents who are helping
 (please arrive at 1:00 to help with costumes)
Please see Friday's note about no masks, blood, or weapons.
Also I will send home a note and map if you wish to bring your "little monster" trick or treating to my house on Halloween from 4-8. 

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