Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 6 Letters Oo, Pp, and Qq; Pumpkins and Owls

Here's a bit of the family blog...John and I went back up to the North Shore to continue our trek up and down the Superior Hiking Trail.  Someday we will have all 300 miles done!
(like in a decade!)
Anyway it was a beautiful backpacking trip from Beaver Bay to Split Rock.  14 miles. With a 20 pound pack.  Now to binge watch Netflix and eat pizza! 

 This short by sweet week in Kindergarten began with new morning challenges:
 Owl Numeric Order...

 Owl ABC Order...

 Owl Tally Mark Match...

So as you probably have figured out, Monday was OWL day!
We made these cuties...

We also prepped our Pp Page for tomorrow so it was dry.  We made good ol' color magic by mixing red and yellow!

 We also journaled about our Fire Station looking for these in a lucky duck book coming to your home soon!

We had Oo Oranges!

The leader is reading our chart with us!

We made these cutie patotie owls based on the book OWL BABIES. We painted Sarah, Percy, and Bill.

Mrs. Sauers made these adorable handprint owls with us!

Yep, we became owl experts!

On Tuesday Mrs. Sauers brought part of our Pp snack...pumpkin cookies!
(I brought the Pumpkin Patch Project food posted a bit later...mmmm!)

We painted a paper for more pumpkin projects for Wednesday....

Tuesday's centers included:
Making the Pumpkin  Patch to EAT!

Pokey Pin Shapes... 

Owl Greater Than...

Owl Beginning Sounds... 

Good Reads this week:
All of our family projects are in!

Qq is for Quiet Critter on Wednesday
(I am working that QUIET part!)

Ava's last day was Wednesday.
We will miss you!

And now for the week of October 19-23
Reading: Letters Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu, and Vv 
plus beginning sounds and rhyming
Math: Patterning
Theme: Fall
Science: Plants grow and change
Social Studies: Our Big World
Wednesday is Unity Day (anti-bullying)
Friday afternoon through Monday we will have a sub as I will be in Atlanta visiting my son!
Enjoy the long weekend!
(I am heading to Indianapolis to visit my, they keep me moving!)

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