Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 5 Letters Kk Ll Mn Nn, Position Words, Fire Safety!

(If you are here for fire station pics, they are posted toward the end...have fun!)

What a CRAZY week!
Our bonus day off was nice but geez, we are playing catch up now!
On Monday we began a new round of Morning Challenges:
Numeric Order Fire Trucks...

 ABC-abc Matching Fire Trucks...

ABC Order Fire Trucks...

We celebrated our first 2 100 CLUB MEMBERS!
Great job, counting to 100 kids!

A few more family projects rolled in ...

I've been forgetting to take pics of the kids' abc book we are working on everyday.
 Here are the letters F-M
What fun!


On Monday we got KAZOOS for the letter Kk!

 We also created a shape book with Mrs. Sauers.

We also journaled about Fall's colors!
 This boy is balloon painting these gorgeous trees:


Our Ll treat was Little Debbies on Tuesday.
I forgot to take a picture of ME with KitKats and Kisses for Monday's snack.

We drip painted some leaves on Ll day...

We also practiced LINES...

Tuesday's Centers included:
Leaf Missing Number...

Leaf Spin and Dot Numeral Recognition...

Leaf Rhyming... 

Leaf Beginning Sounds...

 Here are some more family projects.
The kids are wonderful in giving their speeches about their project!

 Thursday morning began with a celebration for Lilly, a 4th grader who has had a new heart for 10 years now!

 Way to go , Lilly!

Meanwhile back in the classroom on Mm day,

Our Mm treat was Mott's Mix of fruit snacks and marshmellows...MMMMMMM!

More family projects!

Thursday's Centers where:
Fire Truck Snack!

 Fire Safety 10s frames...

Fire Safety Missing Numeral... 

and Sparky the firedog's beginning sounds!

Our Science table is looking good!
Keep sending in items!

Our Fire Safety station is fun!

Friday's morning challenges were to create SPARKY!  How cute! And a perfect start to our Fire Station day!

 We had a delicious Nn snack before we left...Thanks!

Here are our fire station pictures!

And now for the week of October 12-14
Reading: Letters Oo, Pp, and Qq
Math: Patterns
Theme: Owls and Pumpkins
Social Studies: Rules at Home and School
Science: Plants have Parts
No School on Thursday and Friday
Enjoy your family!
(I am heading to Indianapolis to see my Grandbabies!)

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