Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017 Week 34 Pets, Clocks, and

Here's the pics of our HOE-DOWN from last Friday...
Here's a nice pic of our bread baking lesson...

It tasted and SMELLED so wonderful! 
 The kids made butter with Mrs. Pilger...
 and strawberry jam with Mrs. Kalmes!
 We loved it! 

 Oh, what a pretty display!

 Those lego challenge cards are a hit.
The kids just keep solving them!

 We've moved on from farm animals and are now looking at pets. What better transition than BINGO?
 Monday afternoon we made May baskets.
What fun!  Hope you were surprised!

 On Tuesday we finally used our paper pizzas to make a Venn diagram.  Prior to gluing them down we also graphed ingrea
 Tuesday's centers included:
Animal Friends writing...

Bones Subtraction...

 and a very fun 5 senses activity...

  Time to Feed the Dogs 
telling time to the hour and half hour...

Wednesday's morning challenges included:
Pet Puzzles...

 Months of the Year...

 Doggie abc order...
(I know, it's easy but oh so cute!)

 This generous cutie brought us our Wednesday treat
letter Zz Zebra cakes!  Thank you!
In fair weather we will be heading outside to have milk break! What a nice change!  
Here's another lego puzzle solver...
 Wednesday afternoon, Dannika's dad came to visit with us about his service dog, Ernie.
Wow!  What a very special presentation!
Zach read us a book about a service dog, he and Ernie showed us some tricks, then Ernie shook everyone's hand!
Thank you so much, Zach and Ernie!

 We sent home our garden of beans and peas.  
What a lovely lesson!

Here's a few pics of our field trip to Whitewater Farms:
This is where we get some of our tasty veggies and fruits from for school lunches!

 Some of you might recognize Mrs. Olson from the high school!  She is a retired science teacher who came out to teach us about soil.  Thank you!

 Lonnie Dietz talked to us about the greenhouse and the fruits and veggies grown there!

 Sandy said we will be eating these strawberries next week here at school!  Cool!
 Then we got to walk to see the horses and goats!

 Thank you so much, Lonnie and Sandy!

I will be gone on Friday to a Kindergarten convention in Brainerd.  Mrs. Olson and the para support staff will do an excellent job of teaching the k kids! 
Can't wait to be a student again!
(it's been 3 years since I've had the privilege of going!)

And now for the week of May 8-12...
Reading: Yy and Qq, punctuation
Star Words: off, take,our, too, day, show
Math: Calendar
Science: What are things made of?
Theme: Flowers and Birds
Early Dismissal May 12
Oxbow Zoo Fri. May 26
K Spring Concert Thurs. June 1
Last Day of School~Thursday June 1

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