Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Week 36 Review and Pond Life!

When life hands you TOO MUCH RAIN?
Kayak in the backyard!

Well, it's hard to believe we've only 2 weeks left!
This week we focused on pond animals.
Mrs. G helped with a measuring game of LEAP FROG!

Tuesday's morning challenges included:
Animal Life Cycles...

Counting by 5s lily pads...

and a frog puzzle...
We created these cutie pie raccoons as part of our pond unit!

Sadly our tadpoles did not make it this year...they didn't even hatch!  Oh cycles and all!

This word wall has never been sooooo full!
We took it down this week...we had over 100 words!
I'm sending home a word list for the summer if your child is so inclined to review for next year.  It will be in their summer packet handed out on the last day of school.
We began an art project that had many steps...
a beautiful lily pad complete with a lotus flower!


Tuesday's centers included:
Pond or Meadow animal sort...

Word Search Froggy Style...

Magnet Magic Puzzles...
and interpreting a pond animal graph...

As you've probably heard, Mrs. Kalmes is retiring.  She gave us some of her blocks! We've been having a great time building structures!

We've also had some real construction work done!
This guy is really removing a shelf we no longer need!
Thank you!

We played a fun leap frog game at group time..animal names!
On Thursday we created these cutie frogs!

Thursday's centers included:
Subtraction with Froggies and Flies...

Froggy Addition...

Measuring Pond Animals...

and our science topic "SOLIDS LIQUIDS GASES"

Friday's morning challenges were:
Addition Turtles...

Word Family Turtles...

and spelling pond animals...

Oh I almost forgot to show you these turtle mosiacs we created on Wednesday!  How lovely!
 Good Reads...

And now for the week of May 22-26:
Reading: Review and Assess
Math: Graphing and review/assess
Science: Nature or Man Made?
Please join us next Tuesday, May 23 for free breakfast!
Pastries for Parents is our way of saying 
The breakfast is in the cafeteria from 7-8.
Hope to see you there!

Friday we go to ZOLMAN ZOO in Oxbow Park!  
Volunteers please be here by 10:00
(don't forget your lunch!)

The end of the year celebration for K is as follows:
Movie in the morning with the whole school.
At 11:45 the K kids and their families can eat hot lunch 
(or bring a lunch from home)
at 12:20 or so we will head to our rooms for 
summer packets and k diplomas.
at 12:30 Mr.Harper will have his annual 
Kindergarten Spring concert.
Afterwards the k kids are dismissed for the day!

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