Friday, May 12, 2017

2017 Week 35 Flowers and Birds!

So this happened last weekend!
That's my lovely Sorcha on the right!
 I was in Brainerd for the Kindergarten Convention.
My hubby ran over to Moorhead to get Maeve, then back to get me.  Here we are posing on the way home!
 Hope you and your k kids were able to enjoy the beautiful weather!  This is our Sunday hike on the Whitewater Reserve. No mushrooms but so much else to enjoy!

Back to work on Monday brought new morning challenges:
Flower sentences...

 Birdie Counting on...

 and M&M addition...

 One of the ideas I used from the k convention was how to build a light table for cheap!
Here we are using our new creation...

 I also purchased this handy dandy tool kit for our to explore...

 Monday afternoon we began making Mothers' Day projects...

Oh the Pizza Parlor is open!
What fun! 

Tuesday's centers included:
What's it make of...

 5 Senses review...

 Flower Power words...

 and searching for number words...

We also opened the MAGNET center!

 This is us making another part of our gifts!

Thursday's new morning challenges included:
3 letter word building...

 Opposite review...

 Domino addition...

 Here we are signing a thank you card for Whitewater Farms...
 Ohhh...another part of the gifts is coming together!

This is our last new station!
 Yep, we built one right in the classroom!
Next week we will get the tadpoles to study at a different station...
 Thursday's centers included:
Star Word shake 'em up!

 Making gift bags...

 Magnet experimenting...

 Bluebirds of happiness counting by 5s...

 We've also been exploring puzzles!
 Good reads...

And now for our last regular week in K:
Reading: ing ending, plural s
 Review all star words so far
Math: Graphs
Theme: Pond!  (yes, we made one in our room!)
Science: Solids, liquids, gases

Please join us next Tuesday, May 23 for free breakfast!
Pastries for Parents is our way of saying 
The breakfast is in the cafeteria from 7-8.
Hope to see you there!

The end of the year celebration for K is as follows:
Movie in the morning with the whole school.
At 11:45 the K kids and their families can eat hot lunch 
(or bring a lunch from home)
at 12:20 or so we will head to our rooms for 
summer packets and k diplomas.
at 12:30 Mr.Harper will have his annual 
Kindergarten Spring concert.
Afterwards the k kids are dismissed for the day!


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