Friday, May 26, 2017

2017 Week 37 Animals and Oxbow Park!

Welcome to our 2nd to the last blog for the year!
You are not going to want to miss next week's blog with the graduation pictures of the k kids!
Stay tuned...

We've so many birthdays this week as we celebrate summer and May birthdays!
We've been learning about different types of animals this week. For this project we wrote about animals that might not make a good pet!
Tuesday morning was
Pastries for Parents! 
Thanks to all who came for breakfast!

Tuesday was also cupcake day on our special count down days! What yummy fun! Scroll down for more pictures!
We made these cutie pie turtles last week. 
This week we reviewed reptiles, mammals, fish, and birds!
Oh, aren't these adorable?

Here's another animal kingdom review...

Here's the cupcake bar in action!

My son ordered a product from Amazon without clearing the cart (my wishlist!), so bonus for the k kids, we got magnatiles to play with!
Here's our last regular morning challenges of the year:

Adult animals and offspring...

And animal puzzles...

These birthday treats are adorable!
We made book bags for summer reading!  We worked so hard on gaining reading levels this year, reading during the summer can help so the kiddos do not have the
 'summer slide' 
where they lose some of those hard earned skills!
Tuesday's centers were actually on Wednesday and included:
Man-made vs. Nature sort...

One more with elephants and big numbers...

Elephants and subtraction...

Kangaroo Syllables...

On Thursday the 4th graders hosted the Oregon Trail for us!  What fun project based learning experience for us!

Here we are crossing the Platte river...

We ran out of food with 800 miles to go! Thank goodness, Dannika was a good shot and bagged us a buffalo!

We made it! We went from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon 2000 miles and learned so much along the way!

Thursday's centers included:
Counting by 2s zebras...

Secret sight words...
(my camera is failing sorry...missed a few pics here)
'Going to the Zoo' word building...
Giraffe tallies...

Good reads...

Here's tons of pics from our field trip to Oxbow Park Zollman Zoo near Byron...Thanks to all who volunteered!

And now for our final week:
Assess and review 
Big News...
The end of the year celebration for Kindergarten is as follows:
Fools’ 5 reward movie in the morning.

At 11:45 the K Kids and their families will eat hot lunch
or a lunch brought from home.

At 12:2O we will head to our rooms for summer packets and k diplomas.

At 12:3O Mr. Harper will host the
Kindergarten Spring Concert!

After the concert, the K Kids are
dismissed for the YEAR!

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