Saturday, March 24, 2012

100 Day! Hooray!!!!

WHoooHooo !!!!
We finally made it!
Our 100 Day Workshop was a hit
with 57 excited k kids
20 helpful volunteers
(could not have done this without YOU!)
3 happy teachers!
Here are 100 pics (or more) of our week...

Making 100 dot pictures...

We read The Wolf's Chicken Soup
The wolf secretly fed the chicken
100 pancakes, 100 doughnuts, 100 pound cake
in order to fatten her up
but when he went to get her for his supper
100 fat little chickies jumped on him
and gave him 100 kisses for the treats!
"Uncle" Wolf then went home to bake them 100 cookies!
I hid 100 chicks and the kiddos had to find them !
As you can see chick 39 didn't turn up right away.
Sarah found her 2 days later in the 100 day gorp!

100 different ways to make words with WorldWord!
Here are real words...
Silly words count, too!

100 day cake
100 marshmallows
100 cherries
100 chocolate chips
and a cake mix....MMMMMMMM!!!!!
100 blocks?

100 Dotter Paint Picture

100 Day pin with Mrs. Gnadt

Here is our 100 cupcakes to share with all 3 K classes!
They smelled sooooo good!

100 Day Pictures
Hope you enjoyed the picture frame!!!!

100 Day Caterpillar

100 Dot Pics finally up in the hallway!
100 Day Decoration

one of those cute frames...
100 day glasses with 100 stickers!

all of our frames

oh geez....

finally heading into the cafeteria....

Gathering around the cupcakes 
1st we had 100 seconds of silence (almost silent)

then we sang Happy 100 Days to Us!
and blew out the candles!!!

Finally we got to choose where to go from the 14 stations:

100 dice roll
100 tallies

100 day interview
to be make into a lucky duck book

100 links to be displayed in our classrooms
100 excercises

100 zeros equals a googal!

snack area!

100 fingers!

100 steps
(my apologies to Brielle's mom who was also at this station...I missed you while you were with a kiddo counting in the hallway!)

100 squares
(someone accidentally took home one of the mats...if it turns up at your home, please send it back in!)

100 gumballs

100 dots on the dalmatian 

100 stamps

a few almost finished projects...

My K Kids in action...

Grandmas serving snacks!

we made the banner on Wedneday

more of the caterpillar

the end of the day!
Whew!  What an awesome week!

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