Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Week

This is one of my favorite weeks!
And because of Pinterest we have a few new projects this year!
Here are our Truffela Trees...and Truffela Trees are what EVERY ONE needs!

Look at all those BOOKS!!!!
 Thanks for sending so many Dr. Seuss 
and Theo LeSeig (two of Theodore Giesels's pen names)
We had sooooo much fun sorting and graphing and reading them!

 I LOVE this  one!

 Monday was hairy day!

 Look at those great 'dos!

Eating (candy) green eggs and ham...mmmmmm!

Love that Lorax 'stache!

We began a fun unit on geometric solids....3D shapes!
We focus on
cone, cube, cylinder, sphere, rectangular prism

 Nancy, our secretary, was our guest reader on Tuesday.
She read us The Cat in the Hat

I love these Cat in the Hat paintings!

 Just like the kiddos, no two are alike!

Thursday's learning stations included making
Cat in the Hat hats and ties.
(we only made 2 rotations instead of 3...some kids finished on Friday)

Chris played a dice game with us....

 Mrs. Gatzlaff helped us solve a math puzzle...

My station was painting hands!  
Thing 1 and Thing 2 magically appeared with a little red and blue paint...

On Friday we had Mrs. Pilger's class over for snack time!

Friday afternoon we had an all school assembly.
If you look closely you will see the rainbow of shirt colors!

We had three winners when Tina drew names for
Fitness Fever prizes!

Wow, What a week!

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