Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winter Carnival, Lorax, and Locks for Love

Wow...take a kid in for a trim and she asks to donate her long golden locks to charity!
Maeve never ceases to surprise me!

Both girls worked the Winter Carnival on!
 Here Maeve is looking all cosmopolitan with her new short 'do!

 And here is Sorcha, also sporting a new cut!

 I was one of the lucky ducks that got to paint faces!
What fun!

Also took the kiddos to The Lorax Movie.
The movie was okay...better than past Dr. Seuss remakes,
but not excellent.
It was a nice time anyway...I love movie theater popcorn and a big ol' Diet Coke!

This week in Kindergarten.....

Reading ~Letter Dd, sound for /d/ and short /i/, star word 'for', quotation marks
Math ~wrap up geometric solids, ways to make 10, begin shapes (rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon)
Theme ~transportation!
A quiet week, I think!

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