Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games, Premature Play Attendance, and Sanding/Staining/Moving or another weekend adventure O'Duggan style....

I am lucky to have kids (teenage and adult)
who enjoy and share the same literature.
We have all read ( or are reading...will send you Catching Fire  soon,Lee!)
the Hunger Games trilogy and could not wait for the movie.
And although we are often disappointed when an excellent book
is adapted to the big screen, 
we were pleasantly surprised by this movie!
It is good!
Very Good!

Then a funny thing happened on the way to a "date" with Fionn...
I bought tickets online for Treasure Island, 
a play based on the book by Robert Loius Stevenson
and performed at Winona State.
We picked up Suzanne (Pilger) and Mason for a DOUBLE DATE
and headed out to eat supper first...McDonald's is all Fionn could afford!
We had a lovely time then headed over to the college.
We were pleasantly surprised to get a parking spot
very close to the theater.
We were even more surprised by the lack of a crowd on campus.
We were simply astounded when the will call window was closed
until we read the flyer....the play is March 31st!
We were a whole WEEK early!
Oh, my...I might not live this one down!
Oh well...we will try again next week!
It took 3 weekends, 2 loads of stuff to Salvation Army, and one attic reorganization,
 but we are finally finished switching Fionn and Sorcha's rooms....
needed to sand and stain their floors before moving furniture...Looks great
considering the floors are over 115 years old!

 Fionn's room 

Sorcha's room

 it's amazing how motivating a big job can be 
when 2 bedrooms full of kid stuff is shoved into MY bedroom!
 I really really needed to have my room back to "normal!" 
And now I do!

And now for this week in Kindergarten...
(and some mobile science museum pics from Thursday!)

This week  begins our last quarter of the!  Where did the time go?
We will be starting our Spring and weather unit this week.
Reading finds us focusing on Xx. short o, and blending words together.
In Math we will wrap up 100 Day items!
Report cards will be sent home Friday.
Check out our blogs for 100 Day Workshop pics....what an awesome day!
Thanks again to all of our helpers!

PLAY group meets Monday, March 26 at 7:00
in the Elementary Media Center.
Child care and snacks are provided.
See you there!

Here's some pics from last weeks activities that weren't 100 day items:
 Kindergarten Vet Shop is open!!!!

The Mobile Science Museum made a stop!
We learned about 
 DINOSAURS!!!!! (and other fossils)

It was awesome!!!!

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  1. I loved 'The Hunger Games' too! (and I am usually like you gals, highly disappointed by a movie adaptation) The end of our third quarter is this coming week and I'm equally as shocked that the year has flown by so quickly!



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