Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weather Week!

What a blast weather week was!
We learned about wind, rain, storms, clouds.
We played a game called:
What fun we have with BIG words!
We will finish our weather unit after Spring break.

In this pic we are playing with our whirligigs
 as we discover how to play with the wind!

Wednesday we looked at the Spring favorite

We learned how to paint a still life...

 we also made these cute bunnies!

weather station

Spring time discovery table

Littlest Pet Shop (remember these, Shae?)
These are the original ones from 20 years ago!

Vet Clinic is still open!

A Lorax puzzle came in the mail for us!
The kiddos could not wait to put it together...

Thursday was Fool's 5 day...
 Two young men who spoke to us about goals!
They will be at the Fool's 5 on Sunday

One of our winners!

My winner!
Fionn could have chosen a PRIZE again this year
but that Gatorade has some hold over him!

Another K winner!

Back to work:
The kids created the word families:
They dictated the words and sorted them into groups.

Learning Stations
weather words with Chris

Painting clouds with Mrs. O

Teeny Tiny star words with Mr. C
We needed to use magnifiers to find them!

Brain break station: Pattern Blocks

Some of our clouds:
One for home, one for school

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