Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fair Trade Market, Mushroom Hunting, MMM Ice Cream, and Making Room for Grandpa

 My hubby spends lots of time in the woods. Lots and lots of time. So it was only a matter of TIME before he was felled (temporarily) by a tiny tick.
Yes, Folks, we have a Lyme's Disease victim!  

He should be fine in a few weeks as he was lucky (?) enough to have developed the typical bull's eye rash which sent him to urgent care ONLY after a few other symptoms made their appearance...fatigue, very sore joints, and some neurological sluggishness.  Soooooo......

I bought him a present shortly after visiting the pharmacy for extra strength antibiotics...40% DEET.  We actually tried it out on Saturday as we headed back into the bluffs looking for mushrooms.  A potential  loss of IQ points and debilitating arthritis threat can't keep me from morels!  Oh. no! 


 Notice the difference in hiking apparel . 
 John: hiking boots, smartwool socks,  camo pants, backpack loaded with survival gear.
Me: sandals, matching earrings, and a fashionable bag to carry soda and a picnic in.
For 19 years he's been trying to "fix" my outdoor wear.
For 19 years I've been trying to convince him that a hike does not HAVE to involve 500 feet change in elevation up a deer trail!  

 THIS time it was worth it!
 Here's our nice haul...morels and driad saddles....MMMM!

Our picnic 500 feet up the bluff ...loved the chocolate eggs!

Mushrooms artfully arranged on 
Sylvia Plath's poem 'Mushrooms'
LOVE LOVE LOVE that poem!

 a forest salad:
Violets (flowers and bulbs) fiddlehead ferns
creeping charlie
I prefer the chocolate eggs!
We also went to the Fair Trade Market on Saturday.
It was located in the Old Winona Knitting Mills building...
which I've always wanted to see...sooo in we went!

 A few artifacts are displayed.
I love old buildings!

The Fair Trade booths were interesting if not overabundant...

 Here's our haul....spices!

Can't wait to use them!

John's dad had a health set back last weekend and was admitted to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis.
He was planning on moving in with us next Fall.
However, he will now move in as soon as he is released so we can keep an eye on his health.
You what that means?
Like the lamps here?  I do,too! 
We have a whole room full of items to find a new place for.
I love a challenge but I might need a craigslist account!

We zoomed up to the VA on Sunday to visit him.
We bribed the kids with a stop at Nelson Creamery.
They love their Grandpa, it's just a long car ride to the Cities
to visit for only an hour only  to turn around and head right back home.
Ice Cream seems to make the trip happier.
For the kids, too! 

MMMMM!!!!  Rum Cherry and Raspberry Truffle!
You can still get a child size scoop for $1  (on the left)
or a single scoop for $1.50 (on the right)
What a deal!
Have a super week!
(The K agenda is with the previous post if you're looking for it!)

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