Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Peep show?

Brielle brought us a Spring Break treat....
Peep Smores!

 this is going to be good....
I loved this idea soooo much we made them for Fionn's 4th grade class..
pics to follow in the next post.

Tuesday morning we created these adorable 
MATH story bunnies.
We had to place 5 carrots in their hands
and write the corresponding math equation.
We had 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1, and 5+0


Tuesday afternoon, Jaden's dad helped us at learning stations...
 We rolled a two digit number at his table!

Noah's mom also came 2 days early!
 Her table involved!
 beginning and ending sounds was the focus!

Seeing as it was Tuesday and not Thursday,
Mrs. Gatzlaff was our helper.
Her station was measuring eggs.
Length and wide were two new vocab words!

My station was a hundred chart picture as we work with 2 digit numerals.
Can you see what our number work turned out to be?

 a bunny!

Wonderful Wednesday begins with math manipulatives...
 that's my hotel!  Very thoughtful kids!
They even created an imaginary hot tub for me!

Here we are painting with chalk and cake tempra

 such nice pastel shades!

 These are the beautiful eggs we created with Mrs. Gnadt...

Another cutie poem project:

Our little Easter Bunny
Got his tail by luck
He sat an a marshmallow
And that's where it stuck!

Our reading list from last week and this week (a partial listing)
Little Cloud It Looked Like Spilt Milk Wind Blew
Little White Rabbit The April Rabbits  Little Rabbit

Happy Spring Break!!!!
We'll be heading to Indianapolis for my Grandbaby Wren's 1st birthday!
Join me on facebook where we will make frequent updates!

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