Sunday, April 22, 2012

mud and worms and Earth Day!

Wow! What a messy, fun week!
First of all, here's one last rainbow project from last week:
Rainbow Hair!

We began our week with MUD!

We created our own Mud Book for Monday Reading!
What messy fun!

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I LOVE numbers so we just had to celebrate this one...
Our 111th day of K!

 We have been practicing counting by 5's

And finally, we got to discover 

 We learned so many great worm facts.
Did you know that a worm has 5 hearts (heart-like organs)?
That it takes 500-1000 worms to make a pound?
That a worm's 'collar' slips off when it is time to lay eggs
We really are WORMOLOGISTS!

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Those Wacky Wonderful Wednesday kids
are always making such super structures:

 Rainbow Vision!

 Teamwork Painting!

 Guess what we painted with?

Thursday's Learning Stations were awesome!

 Sentence building with Chris...

Tallies with Mr. C

Trash or Treasure with me...
If they opened a real word, it went on the treasure side
If they opened a silly word, it went on the trash side..

Geoboard pattern

Friday's Earth Day celebration began with
a messy art project instead of morning challenges!

 Love Love Love that project!

Mr.C took over the class in the afternoon as all 3 K teachers
went to Alexandria for the Kindergarten Convention!
A Hollywood theme awaited us!
We took so many great ideas back with us...
I love learning!
Mrs, Kalmes missed the photo op!

This week in K:
Reading...letter Yy, sound for /y/, star word 'she', short e words
Math....clocks, counting FAST, greater than for AIMSWEB practice!
Our HOE DOWN is TUESDAY..we will make bread, butter, and ice cream and then get together to eat them in the afternoon, so break out those farm/rancher/cowboy clothes (gym shoes still required for Mrs. Stokke)  EEEE-HAW!

REMINDER: No Kindergarten Friday, April 27 due to Roundup for next year's K kids!

We will also be starting our next chapter book:
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