Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pirates, Fool's 5, and goats

I had a nice visit with my sister, niece, and her beau in La Crosse.
Wish we saw more of each other!

Here's Sorch fixing a Hunger Games Tshirt
to fit....clever girl!
 She went to the movie AGAIN!  
She is reading the books love love that!

Finally got to see the play, Treasure Island, with Fionn, Mason, and Suzanne...

 it was nicely done!
 Here we are posing with the cast!

Our little call ducks have been eating too much dog food outside
so I asked Maeve to feed the dogs inside...
didn't stop them...they came right in!

Fool's Five
One of my favorite family traditions is the Fool's 5 Race for Cancer Research.
We have been walking it for 22 years!  
My first year was when Shae was 5 and there were only 700 participants.
This year there had to be upwards of 3000 people
walking/running/racing for a cure!

My how they've grown this winter!
Here is Pangur Ban
 and Pooka
 I am scolding Pangur for eating my tulips...
he has an entire field of grass and green things
but being a typical goat 
he goes right for the blossoms!

Nettle Soup
Another thing I love about my hubby is his ability
to know what and when to eat wild foods.
Right now the nettles are perfect
for harvesting!
(no luck mushrooming, yet)
I make a nice cheesy, chicken broth, potato soup
and add a ton of fresh nettles!
It is so tasty and chocked full of vitamin A, C, and iron!

This week in Kindergarten:
Week of April 2-5
Reading: continue with Xx, /x/, short o, and punctuation
Math: plus one, numerals to 100, less than/greater than
Theme: April Fool's, Spring themes
Early Dismissal Thursday 1:00
Spring Break Friday-Monday
Have a Super Spring Break!

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