Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rainbow Week!

Rainbow Family Projects

Making our own "SkyFire"
 Journaling about a rainbow of our own

We focused on rainbow order and color words

Wonderful Wednesday Watercolors

 roll a 2 digit number game is always a hit!
 Graphing favorite color

 Jelly bean addition

 making rainbow wind chimes with Mrs. Gnadt

we finally got to perform our MAD SCIENTIST
color mixing experiment!

 Blue and red make purple

 Yellow and blue make green

 Red and yellow make orange

Thursday Learning Stations:
my table read color words and painted rainbows
we also painted rainbow raabbits if we had tiime
(there are few on the floor, can you see them?)

I also practiced 2 AIMSWEB math tests with the k kiddos

Chris's table was all about color words
Our Rainbow Book was also finished  here.
Hope your kiddo read (sang) it to you.

The Brain Break station involved color word mats
and PlayDough!
The k kids even had a chance to photograph their creations!

Mrs. G took over for Mr. C
She focused on tallies and addition.

 One of our playdough words...
 One of the name cards we created

Hey, look!  They ARE changing colors

rainbow paint to so lovely!

WOW! No wonder we (I) go home tired some nights!

Here are some books we read:
Moonbear's Skyfire A Rainbow of My Own Rabbits and Raindrops
and...our first Chapter Book...
The Adventures of Captain Underpants
This week in K (family blog to follow later tonight...)
Reading....letter Ww, sound for /w/, star word 'play', vowels
Math....symmetry, numerals to 100, missing number
Themes....vary within classroom...Worms, mud, farm, Earth Day are a few you might see!

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