Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leprechaun tricks?

Well, another St. Paddy's day has come and gone at the O'Duggan's.
Not too many tricks this year...
Pippin has a nice green stripe down his back!
No photos though...he is ridiculous looking with his lack of fur!
His hair did not grow back after his summer shave...
not supposed to shave Samoyeds for a reason, I guess!
(he also has a genetic abnormality where he does not shed...
therefore he must be shaved...ugh, a no win situation!)
So, the smart thing to do is paint him green!

The leprechauns left a nice selection of small gifts for the kiddos...
all green things of course!
Journals, pens, bubbles, socks were a few of the items.

My oldest son, Graham, came home from Atlanta, Georgia
for our annual  St. Paddy's day tradition of
heading over to Sullivan's in Trempeleau!

I'd like to think he flew 1000 miles just to spend time
with us however he has a wonderful young lady
also waiting for him in Minneapolis!
Melissa is such a great part of our family...she fits right it!
We had a very lovely time!
Great food, great service, and great company!

Here are a few more pics:
that's John's dad and my mama and step-dad, Bob!

Life is good!
Although sometimes on...
Remember last weekend when our freezer went crazy coating everything with 1 inch of frost?
Well, now the fridge part does not work at all!
We lost 5 lbs of burger, 6 pork chops, a meat drawer full of lunch meat, and am almost untouched gallon of milk...oh no!
A leprechaun trick?
Probably not...there is no way a wee little fella could have gotten through 5 years of  dust and icky stuff
that was stuck underneath! Gross!
We were hoping a good cleaning would fix it...
Nope...fridge is still warm, freezer is still working overtime!
It's like a snow machine in there.
But the floor under is spic and span!
And we will be parting with a good chunk of change to replace it.

Oh dear.

This week in Kindergarten we will be celebrating the 100th day of K!
Our reading, math, and theme will all center around this milestone.
If you have signed up to help our on our celebration on Thursday,
thank you in advance!  
We will have a dozen or so 100 day stations set up in the cafeteria.
We will see you at 1:00!

Remember no school for kids on Friday due to teacher workshop day.

Playground update:
Boots are not needed.  But please keep them handy just in case.
Enjoy your week!

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