Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leprechaun, Shamrocks, and Gold Coins! Oh My!

Oh yes...another of my favorite weeks! 
But with St.Paddy's Day on Saturday,
the leprechauns were not too mischievous !
We learned how to count to 10 in Gaelic
(thanks Mr. O' for the resources!)
It sounds something like this apologies in advance in all of Ireland..
(written phonetically)
a hane, a doh, a chtree, a care, a cooig, a shay, a shect, a hock, a nooee, a djay

We put out our Leprechaun gold to lure the wee little people in..

It must have worked because they hid the gold all over the room!
We found every single one of the 100 coins!
They also left us some Lucky Charms!

We watched on teachertube (watered down youtube) 2 versions of Danny Boy
One by Celtic Women
(over heard a little boy say "I am in LOVE!"
the other by The Muppets!  Funny!

Mrs. G journaled with us about what we would do 
with a pot of gold.
The K Kids added quotation marks.

This is our leprechaun painting area...

2 St Patrick's Girls!

Monday's Project...

Wonderful Wednesday Leprechauns!

Oh my...look at that BIG Leprechaun!

The k kids are reading our chart unassisted (most words, anyway)
Here we are looking at ending sounds...

Thursdays project was tissue paper and....

Magic shamrock juice!
However our tissue paper was "non-bleeding" 
so the color transfer did not work so well...
Plan B...Glitter Glue instead!

Did I tell you how much I LOVE Thursdays Learning Stations 
with Mr. C and Noah's Mom?
If you wish to help out on Thursdays from 1:30-3:00
zip me a note and we will have a station for you!

Here Chris is helping with teen number activities.

Our "Brain Break" station...Playdough!
We buried small jewels and beads in it...
Leprechaun Treasure!!

Mr. C's Leprechaun measuring activity...

And finally, here is my shamrock wreath station...
Oops, I forgot to take a close-up...
They really were cute!
We played this dice game when we were finished...
We talked about the word SUM...addin' 'em up!

Here is our milk break treat for Friday!
Brownie cupcakes!

3 more family projects!
There are only a few not in is not too late!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our morning charts!

Some of our favorite books this week:
Fiona's Luck Tim O'Toole and the Wee Folk Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato: An Irish Folktale Clever Tom and the Leprechaun
We also focused on Zz, short i, the star word 'have', numerals to 50, greater than/less than
and those new crazy shapes this week (rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon)
What a busy week!
Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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