Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Apple Days!!!!

Today we met Ms. Todd~our Guidance Counselor!  
We played a fun name game~next week we begin a unit on feelings.
Ms. Todd

 It was also letter Jj day....
Having Jelly Beans and Jet Puffs and Juice
Love those JAZZY napkins!
Books we've read this week:

Ten Apples Up On Top!
wait to see our version
in our Lucky Duck book
Up, up, up! It's Apple Picking Time
yes, this one made me
 cry a  little...when Grandma/pa
said goodbye!
The Apple Pie Tree                           Johnny Appleseed
We graphed our apples two different ways:
by color                and                   by size    

 We also began making our apple treats:
Dried apples smell sooooo sweet!
Since they take a couple of days we started them today.
Applesauce is on the menu for Thursday!

I LOVE cooking with Kindergarteners!

Here are a few of our "Which Doesn't Belong?" bags...
Well done, Kiddos!


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