Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Walk in the Woods...or 500 feet up the bluff on a deer trail really is a great cardio workout!

 Finally feeling like hiking again with my mountain goat of a husband..he's not happy unless we make a 500 feet change in elevation usually several times, up and down the bluffs for at least 5 miles! One of our favorite places is the PlowLine Trail (Bronk Trail) between Stockton and Minnesota City.  There are at least 8 miles of trails to discover.   Today we only took the little dogs, Billy and Jack...Pippin stayed home with the kids. He's getting too old and he's too big to carry!  Plus a fine mist was falling and no one except the adults wanted to go.  We were searching for bittersweet.... BINGO! Look at our haul!  We lost Billy for most of the hike...he is young and just learning how to stay close or to roam but use his nose to find us.  He stayed right on the trail we lost him on, though. He waited over an hour for us.... Whew!
Look at all those vines!  John"trims" them so
the vine will grow closer to the ground next year! the mist, no make-up, and kinda sweaty
from the steep climb....but check out those
lovely bittersweet berries!

Jack, wondering where Billy went
 We also spent time shopping for a new jacket for me this weekend, a quest I go on and fail at every Fall...until now! I found one with long enough arms AND 50% off!  
 Plus I added bling to my bag...come on cold weather...I'm ready!
Here she is practicing her flute
Love those outdoor concerts!
Sorcha at the Farmers' Market


Grapes are ALMOST ready...but am I ready for them?

Maeve and Sorcha 
Fionn and mama in the pampas grass

After such a nice weekend, I am ready for a new week in Kindergarten!
Here's our plan for the week ahead:
Reading/Language Arts:  Letters Ee, Ff, Gg, and Hh  as well as rhyming
Math: Shapes and "What Does Not Belong"
Theme: Nursery Rhymes...Humpty Dumpty and Hickory Dickory 
Our first early dismissal of the year is on Friday at looking for an information page to fill out for us concerning this day....Thanks!

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  1. love the new coat! i need one this year. last year i wore a maternity coat all winter!



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