Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harvest Home!

September 26-30 in Kindergarten:
BIG NEWS: Apple Orchard field trip on Friday!

Twenty parents are going with us...WOW!  We will go rain or shine so help your child to dress for the weather.
Many kiddos signed up for cold lunch that day....please remember to send those yummy lunches as we were not able to order extra school lunches.

*******Funny Quote from last week*********
Kiddo, excited to go outside, reviewing safety guidelines volunteered "No running on the woodchucks!"
Me trying not to laugh: "We probably shouldn't run on the WOODCHIPS either..." 
"OH, Woodchips...I was wondering where those little guys were!"

Reading/Language Arts: Letters Ii, Jj, Kk, and Ll  plus rhyming!
Math: numerals and one/one correspondence to 10
Theme: APPLES...the life cycle of an apple tree is highlighted as well as apple graphing, counting, sorting.
We will make APPLESAUCE!   MMMMMM!!!

O'DUGGAN FAMILY NEWS~Weekly update....

After baking banana bread, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, homemade crackers....
Yummy homemade cheezy spicy crackers
Recipe on PINTEREST (my newest addiction!)

 and bread Saturday and Sunday
(along with BLT's for lunch and prepping ribs/veggies for supper)
my hubby brings to me 
(grinning ear to ear)
a bushel of grapes, 2 three gallon pails of tomatoes, and a basket of apples.

The kitchen looks BOUNTIFUL!
3 quarts of tomato sauce and 3 quarts of salsa later,
there is room on the table to eat!
The grapes will wait for me until mid week...PLAY MEETING MONDAY
Hope you can make it!

More photos of FALL FUN and BEAUTY:

yes, that's my goat, Pooka, eating my plant....

Happy Fall!!!!!!

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