Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...Apple Day!

This is Mr. Carrier's last day before he gets married on Saturday!
 We made him a wedding card that you see in the picture.
The k kids wrote it...
"Mr. Carrier, Good luck on your wedding day. We will miss you. Will you dance? Will your  mom be there? Love, Kindergarten"
Too Funny!!!!!

We had a blast with our apple theme today!

 Mr. Riebel helped us out!!!!

 What a hard working bunch!

check out the smartboard work!

 The silly apple pass game....
 no hands...
 lots of giggles....
 Mrs.Gnadt  made it back for the rest of the morning

Love those apples!
We painted them with balloons!!!!

These are our apple core project!
Another fun filled day!

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