Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ghosts and spiders and witches OH MY!

On Thursday we had our first 
Kindergarten Switch-a-Roo Day!

Here are Mrs. Kalmes' Kids making their Halloween Cats in our room...
My kids were with Mrs. Pilger making hand print ghosts.
They then went to Mrs. Kalmes' rrom to create spider webs.
What a fun day!

Here is Kail melting his witch 
 "I'm melting...."

Here are Mrs. Pilger's kids making their cats
 and here we are!

Noah's mom making spiders with us!
 Spiders and webs

cat pics X of x marks the spot cupcakes
with a surprise inside!

Jacob is reading the chart...really reading the chart!
I am a happy teacher!

One of my favorite activities...
putting the x-rays in order to create a skeleton!
Team work!!!!!

Making our own skeletons to take home

Books we read!
The Very Busy Spider Aaaarrgghh, Spider! Spider on the Floor Amazing Spiders

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