Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monday & Tuesday October 10-11

Well, those little smarties won the ABC Game Challenge AGAIN!
We review the alphabet in random order with the alphafriends cards
 leaving the final card hidden.
The leader's table gets to guess the missing letter.
I get a point if they miss it 
or if the kiddos do not follow our game guidelines.
So far this year the score has been 
1 me    5 kiddos (outdoor play was chosen then)
1 me   10 kiddos (I baked midnight brownies)
the next round the k kids need 15
Man, they are good!
 MMMMM   Midnight Brownies (only time I have to bake!)

Painting RAINBOWS!!!!

Playing a football math game...very popular choice!
 as are the SPIN TO WIN charts
 practicing SAFETY rules  with the poem "Red on Top"

 October Family Projects

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