Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

Homeward Bound!!!
We made it to everyone's home
in 1 1/2 days~125 MILES!
We counted almost 300 windows and 120 doors
We took 2 pics of each kiddo...
One close up and one of the front of the home.
We also stopped by the teachers' and bus drivers' homes
The weather was lovely!
Look for our home display at the Elementary.

We had snack on Monday at the Intermediate School

 And played on the playground!

 Our future school!   5 years away!

Guess Whose House???

Jacob's mom had a lovely note....
 and TREATS waiting for us!!!
 Kevin was one of our drivers

 Hip Hip Hooray!  Almost done!
 One last stop...Will's house for juice boxes...
 and fresh chocolate chip cookies!!

What a nice two days!
What a nice way to end our trip....cookies!!!

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