Sunday, October 2, 2011

Graham's Going Away Weekend

Family Update: Graham's moving to Atlanta!
We had a very nice weekend with Graham and Melissa!
"Secret" Pizza Farm on Friday: 

Then, through the magic of Pinterest and with Melissa's help,
we created Graham's fantasy meal for Saturday

The meal was AWESOME if not a little spicy!  MMMM!!


All dressed up for a wedding

Lee and Sam stopped in for leftovers and a photo shoot

I even managed to make some laundry soap this weekend!

Breakfast Sunday morning:
Hot cocoa and strawberry shortcake

And this is it...Sunday morning...he's actually going to Atlanta!  I am so proud!

 Happy tears from mama
 one last Pippin pet
Pulling out of the driveway....only 1037 more miles to go!!!!
Best of luck...see you in December!
and finally, this week in Kindergarten:
Week of October 3-7
Reading~Letters Mm,Nn,Oo,Pp rhyming 
& beginning sounds
Math~patterns and numerals
Theme~Fall & Homecoming
BIG NEWS: Homecoming Parade Friday 2:00

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