Sunday, October 16, 2011

There and back again!

Sorcha and I left right after school on Thursday for Indianapolis
We did have to pull over and take a power nap at about midnight.
We arrived around 2:30 eastern time...
took a lot of self control not to wake Wren just so I could see her...
I did peak in at her sleeping, though!
 Friday morning was spent opening presents
and books
 Halloween gifts ....
And a beautiful Amish made rocker/high chair/desk from Grandpa O' and Great Grandpa Bud
 hats and clothes...
 and snuggling!
 Then off to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch
 for caramel corn...
 pumpkin houses...

 the petting zoo...
 Wren did NOT like the cow after he mooooooed

 and tons of leaf and pumpkin photos!

Then off to Brown County...a lovely "Lanesbro-ish" area

 letterboxing under a sycamore tree
we don't have those beautiful trees here!

Wren is holding her 1st official "find"

Shopping with Grandma

 Craft time back at Shae and Chris'

 the skeletons are made from black scrapbook paper and acrylic paint and brads
I made this for Shae awhile ago but lost mine
so I took a pic for a pattern

 Wren's first hand print project
 Then on Saturday....
 Going to the zoo...Zoo Boo! Weekend
 no zombies...
 just sharks...yes we petted them!
 "where'd they go?"
 more penguins
 Polar Bears
 no dolphins but great photo ops!


 snuggle bunny
 funny bunny
 tigers right by us!!!!
 a new zoo shirt to grow into
 then a wienie roast at Chris' folk's home

 can never get enough kisses!!!!!

Home again on Sunday
Goodbyes are hard but without them we couldn't have hellos!

1200 miles round trip
18 hours in the car
4 tanks of gas
1 speeding warning (1 mile from home!)
I would do it over  tomorrow 
just to see my girls again!

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