Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where did the long weekend go? Oh, ya,keep reading to find out!

Wow!  I feel like I've been off the grid for weeks although it has only been a matter of days!
Let's get caught up! the classroom..a super short week after our home trips...
Finally wrapped up a couple of projects and got them in the hallway...
 apple graphs and tissue paper leaves...
 and those adorable fire trucks!

Here is a yummy cupcake surprise from Brielle last week!
 So pretty...almost too pretty to eat....almost!

Our final two October family projects....nice job, kiddos!

Discovery table scientists!
Thanks for the donations!

Wonderful Wednesday.....
Marble rolling pumpkins
 (yes, that's a giant Nesquik can...thanks Sorcha for finishing it)

Mrs. Pringle helping with our ghosts...
 our pumpkins turned out very nice!

Then at home for our long weekend:
We finished the guest room (even though John's Nova Scotia relatives couldn't make it)
and did a little winterizing.
I got a great start on Alice Hoffman's newest novel:
The Dovekeepers
A great fictional story set in a nonfictional event:
 Masada Mountain fortress of 73 c.e.

And dived into a few crafts:
This is a glitter project on leaves from Indianapolis

This my hubby at work (still sparkly from the glitter on the table, on the floor, on the walls at home)
 Fionn and I stopped by with lunch on our way to the eye doctor
 love those safety glasses

Fionn at the eye doctor...
20/20 vision!  Yes!  Only one of 6 kids (and hubby and I) with good vision!

 New kitties (need some?  Let me know!)

 We did lots of cooking (and dish washing) during MEA
 Spaghetti Pot Pie for one...
Caramel, pull apart breads (3 kinds),  chicken soup,
chicken pot pie (made with leftover soup)
a complete turkey dinner, and...
 counter cookies (you know, cookies made with whatever's on the counter and cupboard)
~this time it was chocolate chip/oatmeal/craisin/white chocolate chunks cookies

 My man and his amazing chicken taming abilities

Fionn's masterpiece!

crayons, hot glue, and a blow!

 Sorcha's newly crocheted headband

 And a walk up the bluff...
 Ya, Maeve was the only one eager to go....
 waiting for mama ...again
But look... I have the water so they HAVE to wait for me!
Sorcha's still not to happy to hike 500 feet UP
It was Pippan's first time going with us in years!
Look how happy HE is!

 One last bouquet?
Yes, I sometimes DO go to school for peace and quiet!

Now for the upcoming week....

A week of fun and surprises awaits us this week in Kindergarten!  
We are working on setting a date this week for our first Kindergarten Switch-a-Roo day!
On these switch-a-roo days the kids go to Mrs. Pilger and Mrs. Kalmes' classroom for part of our day to work on special projects. Their kiddos in turn come to my classroom for some Fall harvest fun!
Stay tuned for details.....
Our themes include Halloween topics, Happy Harvest, and Fall.
In reading and language arts we will continue with the letters Uu, Vv, Ww, and Xx as well as beginning sounds.
Math finds us counting, patterning, and looking at numerals.

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