Monday, October 10, 2011

Couches,chrysanthemums, and crazy caves!

Another crazy weekend went by in a flurry of activity!
Saturday John and I went searching for a new set of couches~the perfect ones for us were found right here in Winona ~pics coming after delivery! 
He did surprise me with these....
I love them and him!!!!

Here's some nice Autumn pics from our yard
 love those milkweed seeds!
and the pampas grass 
Sunday we had quite an adventure!  If you'll remember, my hubby likes to hike UP and DOWN hills...
Well we finally carved a little time out to let Grandpa Bob lead us
up to the cave of Galesville legend ~Decorah Peak
The hike itself was John's usual cardioworkout
but the actual peak was AMAZING!
We had to actually crawl through a cave UPWARDS like a chimney
a very narrow very vertical chimney 
guarded by 100's of hornets
to emerge on the peak 
 the begnning
 not the real cave, Fionn
 here it is....

 pretty sure I can't make it
 really, I'm good right here...
 impossibly narrow and vertical
 Tatatada!!!  I did it!
 It was worth it!
 John helping Grandpa down
 tight fit
 Grandpa hadn't been up here since he was 10!
 heading back down
remember those hornets?
ya, me, too!

level ground!
on account of the hornets, the kiddos were not able to go into  the cave
better safe than sting STILL hurts!

Then we swung into that great book store in La Crosse
Pearl Street Book Store
the kids were impressed by the floor to ceiling 
rows and rows and rows of books!
New and used...I want to LIVE here!

Even made time to make a couple of 
Pinterest items:
I made pumpkins from scrapbook paper, too
Forgot to take pics,,,
We also canned 6 pints of Grape Jelly...mmmmm...summertime in a jar!

 And finally the K Plan for this week!
Week of October 10-14
Math: Patterns, Numerals, and Counting
Reading: Letters Qq,Rr,Ss,Tt Beginning Sounds and Rhyming
Theme: Fire Safety!  Fire Station on FRIDAY!!!!!

K Kids will have their vision and hearing checked this week.
Please contact Michelle MePhearson, our school nurse, with questions
Mrs.O's book orders are due Tuesday
Fire posters are due Friday
Pumpkin Family Projects for Mrs. Pilger & Mrs. O'Duggan are due this week

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  1. hey, we are looking for a new couch, too! looks like you guys had a busy weekend!



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