Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday~Monster Masks and Mummies!and "Mrs. O'Duggan is getting a new voice!"

Our enrichment day this week WAS wonderful 
although, due to "no voice", quite quiet on my part 
(highly unusual...but my hubby seems to be enjoying this "problem")
  The k kids were extra good listeners today!
Overheard "Daddy, Mrs. O'Duggan is getting a new voice!"
Too funny!
Well I do wish for ANY voice right now...

Of course one MUST whisper read monster books 
while wearing monster gloves!

ask you k kid about the surprise ending!
I'm Coming to Get You!

Mrs. Gnadt is helping to create those great monster masks!

wrapping mummies with Mrs. O'

 I LOVE these Mummy Cans!

 More Monster pics....does one of those monsters belong to you?

Painting bats,,,,
 Decorating the mirror....
 adding to our haunted house...
 reading monster books
 just plain old creating at the writing center (my favorite!)
 packing up to go home with Mrs. Gatzlaff
 All these things lead us to another 

a pretty pin from Mrs. Sauers....I need to add this to pinterest!!!!

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